I say this every year: February is by far the cruelest month. Eliot was high on goofballs. I’m so completely over the snow right now, seeing in it no magic, only the mental gymnastics it takes to make me push outside these days, the numb boredom with coats and snow-boots.

I can’t even imagine sockless feet, or stepping outside without adding layers. I can’t imagine not looking down when I walk. I can barely fathom spring flowers, sunny evenings or the air fragranced with anything but the wet cardboard smell of days-old snow. I guess it’s all making me feel particularly grumpy.

The internet dried up a little for me this week too. I think I spent more time with my nose in books and my own writing than I cruising blogs. Unfortunately, that means I'm short of links to share this Friday. But I do have a few: Ben Pentreath blogged about Rena Gardiner... Ahh! the thrill of a new discovery! And heart-shaped books over on Stephanie's blog made me happy. This is really what I would buy if I were slightly more of a millionaire than I already am.

Finally, I loved Niall Foley's story The Great South Wall over at The Bohemyth.

My week was topsy-turvy so, it will be a pretty quiet weekend here - in fact I only now realized it's a long one for us too! What are you up to? Promise me it will be spring soon...


  1. I promise it will be Spring soon.

    I love this image. Is it yours? I love all that white 'empty' space.

    Yes, a long weekend is what I ordered, too! Hopefully an easy one. Long brunch, my book (now reading Springs of Affection), my camera and big sunnies (because I want a sunny weekend). I don't think that's asking for too much, right?!

    Have a good one!

    1. Hi Alice - yes, it is my photo (the view from my horrible office!)

      I hope you have the loveliest weekend.

  2. Hello Jane,

    I find it hard to live through February and early March, too. But I find it immensely comforting to buy bulbs (such as fragrant hyacinths) and let them bloom on my desk while I write or read on my computer. Try it, and you'll be reminded daily that Spring is just around the corner.

    Thank you for the links, I really enjoyed the short story by Niall Foley. And that photo by Emily O'Sullivan, "in the words of James Joyce", just below the short story.

    Have a nice long weekend!


  3. Wow Rena Gardiner was incredible! Did you listen to the talk as well?

    Thanks so much for sharing.



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