I'm glad to land on Friday.... Not the most graceful landing ever - it's been quite the week - but here I am. Still, I did find some moments of thought, inspiration and even beauty this week:

Kevin interviewed Beckett's publisher John Calder. The accompanying photograph by John Minihan (who famously photographed Beckett too) made me almost as happy as the interview. I especially liked the part about longing for something you've given up on. I think that's a beautiful contradictory state to live openly, and without real hope, in.

Hayden's new album is streaming on the CBC (it comes out February 5th). I'm not sure if it will stream outside of Canada, but it's worth a listen, or purchase upon release. I probably listened to it too much this week. But I am prone to shrouding myself in music like that and not fully understanding how it might affect my mood until it's too late. Still, so beautiful.

This piece in The Walrus about how women are written about by men is important to read and consider, I think. Somewhat related, the mad descriptions of skin (via The New Inquiry a few weeks ago). Also this - ugh.

Being a mad, bad moonchild, I also love Lauren's regular moon posts.

Okay, I'm spent. Have a great weekend!
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