I love lists, and I hate them. I think they help give me structure and set my mind at rest, plus they can be a flight of fantasy. Lists of places I want to go, furniture I want to buy, lists of things missing in my wardrobe, lists of pantry essentials. Titillating stuff, and I'm not even being sarcastic.

But I also have fantasies about open concept spaces, without direction, structure, imperatives and, ultimately, guilt. A list-free existence (not to be confused with a listless one). However, committing to not making lists is like that part of the yoga class when the instructor tells me to clear my mind and I instantly start thinking about what I want for dinner. And so that might be an illusion anyway.

But today is about lists in a good way. It's a listy time of year, you see. Oscars and all that jazz I couldn't give a fig about. But, there are some more up my alley and here are a few I read this week:

- 3AM's list of awesome 2012 stuff
- Every week, Jessica's Read.Look.Think list, where I read some timely advice this week
- And The Millions 2013 Book Review list, which I have to inhibit at a certain level if I'm hoping to get any writing done
- Thoughts and links to beauty blogs
- And you know already I like inspiring women, so I like this (growing) list of awesome women from Maria Popova and Lisa Congdon

Happy clicking and happy weekend!
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