Angeli Sowani

Sometimes, I feel myself a collection little Venn diagrams; places and people and objects, even colours, intersecting in ways that seem so highly personalized that I start to feel possessive of them and when somebody says, me too, I mistrust that it could be in the same in them, for them.

And I wondered out loud last week what it would be like to see people's brains and see all their Venn diagrams, to see all their complex little associations and understand their reactions better for it. To know what they hear when they listen and what they feel when they feel. Because sometimes I look at people and can hardly fathom any of it.

I came across this series of artworks by Angeli Sowani, created with blowtorch, ink and gold leaf on canvas last week too. And I remembered I had started work on a story about Icarus. I pulled it out after looking at these and finished it, sent it off yesterday. I suppose it's telling that the part I love isn't when Icarus soars up before getting too close to the sun, but instead where I picture him as a winged creature underwater.

All artwork by Angeli Sowani. Click here see the rest of her Seraphim collection and more.
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