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I often feel like I fail at allowing randomness into my life. It's such a meaningful thing to me to have places to go that have become an extension of my home; favourite coffee shops and bookshops, bars, restaurants, routes to walk. And that's the kind of life I seek out when I don't have it. Of course, when I first moved here there was nothing familiar. So building those things marked a kind of achievement, the sense that I've made this place home.

Yet, having established that, I know I ought to be looser with it and let the city's arbitrariness and sense of discovery wash over me, knowing as I do now that I belong here. And I suppose when I first got here it was hard to always be walking into a new place, seeing unfamiliar faces and feeling like the uncool Dubliner that I sort of hunkered down into one corner of the city because it was more manageable.

But yesterday, Laura and I strolled around the city and walked down streets that I used to live on when I first moved here, a terrible time really. But I found myself seeing those streets differently and we found coffee shops to sit at that I could imagine wanting to sit at more often. And I felt again how small I've made this city and what a shame that is. But I think people do that in general because casting yourself always out into the world takes so much energy all the time.

But it's nice to shake it up, of course. And even though it's winter now and not the best time for roaming adventures, I want to do that more often. And it's nice to feel a different kind of tiredness from walking different places, looking at different people, seeing different handsome bearded men from the handsome bearded men in my own neighbourhood. Never fear, though, all handsome bearded men are equal in my eyes...

Weekend images: Loot from City of Craft | Christmas Tree in my lobby | House I fell in love with | Coffee | Queen West - all Instagram shots
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