Reform Lane

Thanks to an enabling friend who sent me a link saying these were just my kind of "muted luxury, seashoreish" style (I die!), a scarf from Reform Lane jumped right to the top of my must-have list and I splurged on the Sands of Sound circle silk scarf.

Tonight I got home and my order was propped against my door. I'm wearing the scarf right now, like a turban and pretending I'm Zadie Smith. Oh dear. I really shouldn't admit half of what I do here.

Okay, without getting all weirdly meta about myself, let me say that my friend was right... Reform Lane really is 100% my style. If you find me dabbling in colour, you can bet on the hues of churned sea and rock and lichen and moss. And now that I have one in my hands (or, on my head), I can tell you that it's so soft and beautifully, perfectly sized and draped. Sarah's blog is beauty too.

I so rarely do single product posts these days, I also want to make clear that I NEVER accept products, gifts or payment from companies in exchange for blog post. I know it's quaint of me, but I really believe in putting my money where my mouth is. My blog content is, and always will be, 100% editorial.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you - I'm wearing it right now & love it!

  2. Wow, those are absolutely stunning..

  3. This scarf reminds me of the notebook and mittens I bought from your shop - all deliciously seashoreish. I feel good whenever I look at them. Such a beauty of a scarf.

    1. Oh, that makes me happy! Oh sigh... my poor shop!

  4. So what you're saying is I'm not the only one who pretends to be Zadie Smith?

  5. Oh the color palette. Thank you for sharing!


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