Reform Lane

Thanks to an enabling friend who sent me a link saying these were just my kind of "muted luxury, seashoreish" style (I die!), a scarf from Reform Lane jumped right to the top of my must-have list and I splurged on the Sands of Sound circle silk scarf.

Tonight I got home and my order was propped against my door. I'm wearing the scarf right now, like a turban and pretending I'm Zadie Smith. Oh dear. I really shouldn't admit half of what I do here.

Okay, without getting all weirdly meta about myself, let me say that my friend was right... Reform Lane really is 100% my style. If you find me dabbling in colour, you can bet on the hues of churned sea and rock and lichen and moss. And now that I have one in my hands (or, on my head), I can tell you that it's so soft and beautifully, perfectly sized and draped. Sarah's blog is beauty too.

I so rarely do single product posts these days, I also want to make clear that I NEVER accept products, gifts or payment from companies in exchange for blog post. I know it's quaint of me, but I really believe in putting my money where my mouth is. My blog content is, and always will be, 100% editorial.
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