Just a short post today... I have the day off work and have been running on fumes all week, so I'm just taking today to lie low and do some writing. Sometimes two days just isn't enough of a weekend!

This week, I found the blog The Wardens Today and fell in love. Such gorgeous and grounded words and images. It reminded me in some ways of Jessica's blog and Siubhan's too. And all these blogs remind me more of paper journals with handwritten notes and snapshots, stuffed with ticket stubs and bits of fabric and every beautiful memory a reflection.

I've also been reading the current The Stinging Fly and, of course, was particularly interested in Kevin Breathnach's review of Winter Journal by Paul Auster and A Death in the Family by Karl Ove Knausgaard. Beside the particulars of both books, I'm a fan of tandem reviews because it beautifully acknowledges how works and writers lean against each other, mostly unintentionally. I'm especially fond of where that process is internalized in a reader and becomes very idiosyncratic and individual.

Okay, I'm off to take it easy. I have comments to respond to in the last post (thank you!) and promise to get to that. And I'm Christmas tree shopping tomorrow! Pretty excited!!

Have a great weekend!
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