Doreen Kilfeather and Mark Grehan

I've blogged before about Henrietta Street and excerpts from books that feature some of the grand Georgian homes around Dublin and Ireland. It's a funny thing about Ireland that we feel a sense of ownership of those homes most of us never lived in, though of course many of those grand Georgian homes were later tenements too and so their history traverses class and ownership to the extreme.

And it's only since living in Canada that I've recognized how unusual that is, that I identify readily with such grandeur as well as such squalor. Stripped of all those polarizing class connotations there's only the beauty of these spaces to admire. The layers and patina, the ruinedness as well as the enduring beauty to feel inspired by. And - most of all - the sense of time and timelessness these places hold, whispering in their intimate but indifferent ways to the people who pass through them.

When Mark Grehan and Doreen Kilfeather worked together on this photoshoot in a house on North Great George's Street, I followed their progress on Instagram, delighting in the fact they knew each other (Dublin is such a small tribe!) not knowing that Doreen had summoned courage to introduce herself and ask Mark to collaborate. How glad I am she did!

And when Doreen shared the photos with me and told me she thought of me during the days shooting, I was moved beyond words. Because there's so much imbued in these images that I love about Dublin and Dubliners, the layers, the dirge of damp decay and half-light. And yet the delight, the wonder that doesn't exert control but lovingly assumes a fleeting place in beauty uncontrolled.

Images by Doreen Kilfeather, see more on her blog. Flowers by Mark Grehan.
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