Sorry me, I've been fighting a particularly vile cold this week. So, my days have felt long and my evenings short and sleep and remedy-focused.

The mornings are so dark now, I can look outside and stretch to imagine snow falling. It's always a paradigm shift, when you are suddenly able to imagine the season ahead of you. Already, summer's heat is difficult to remember in any real sensual way.

Somehow, these days have been just right for writing in though. I'm working on a few stories for various things and will try to share them here if they're published, though I'll probably just mention them in some oblique way and let those of you who are interested seek them out. If it's not apparent by now, I'm not one for pushing my work in other spheres...

I do want to thank all of those of you who added your voice to the pinkwashing issues raised last week. Together, we managed to get quite a bit of extra coverage (I left links in the comment field of last Friday's post). Of course, we barely tipped the iceberg...

Ah I missed being here this week! I hope to be back in fine fettle for you on Sunday!

In the meantime, have a lovely weekend!
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