Sunday best: Fall, baskets and home-keeping

All weekend, I've been reading Ben Pentreath's new decor book and, yesterday, I did some fall-cleaning, taking out the A/C, vacuuming up a storm and hanging up some unhung pictures. I bought dahlias and roses in fall's warm oranges and lit candles.

Mr. Pentreath's book is an absolute treat, but my very favourite decor book is The Irish Country House. It can be hard to find nowadays, but worth tracking down if you're the World of Interiors kind of girl or guy. Both books lured me back to the website of Joe Hogan, an Irish basket-maker. I don't think I blogged about him before, but I meant to.

And today's outfit is inspired by his creations. I love these mossy, woollen textures and colours... they evoke kicked leaves and lichen-covered bark. And I can almost smell a peat fire and feel a damp chill when I look at all of this together.

It's dark now so very early... pitch black by 8 o'clock. I'm reacquainted already with my favourite blankets and woolly socks and, although I don't plan any major wardrobe splurges in the near future, I can perhaps see a thick mossy cardi in my future.

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Baskets by Joe Hogan.
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