Prof Richard Weston & Ed Burtynsky

Arguably, there could not be two artists whose work is further apart than Professor Richard Weston and Ed Burtynsky. Prize-winning architect and landscape designer, Richard Weston creates silk scarves and accessories inspired by blown-up images of crystals and minerals. Burtynsky is a renowned photographer who captures nature transformed by industry, from open marble quarries and mines, to tailings and oil spills. Yet his images are undeniably beautiful. When I look at both their works together, I see so much that's different and also so much that's the very same. And that intrigues me.

1a. Weston Agate printed silk scarf from Net-a-Porter
1b. Dryland Farming #9, Monegros County, Aragon, Spain, 2010 by Edward Burtynsky

2a. Weston Scarves Turquoise Agate Print Silk Scarf from Liberty of London
2b. Mines #17 - Lornex Open Pit Copper Mine. Highland Valley, British Columbia 1985 by Edward Burtynsky

3a. Weston Scarves Abalone Shell Print Silk Scarf from Liberty of London
3b. Oil Spill #4, Oil Skimming Boat, Near Ground Zero, Gulf of Mexico, June 24, 2010 by Edward Burtynsky

4a. Weston Scarves Orange Agate Silk Scarf from Liberty of London
4b. Nickel Tailings No. 30, Sudbury, Ontario 1996 by Edward Burtynsky

5a. Weston Printed silk scarf from Net-a-Porter
5b. Rock of Ages # 4, Abandoned Section, Adam-Pirie Quarry, Barre, Vermont, 1991 by Edward Burtynsky
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