Powerscourt Estate

My weekend was busy packing up last orders (thanks everyone!) and running to the post office. I was powering my way through it all and only when I had delivered the last package to the post office did it hit me, a despondent sort of sadness. I know closing the shop was the right choice—it was frustrating me that I couldn't devote all I wanted to to it—but it was still the end of a small kind of dream and I felt forlorn once it was done.

I found solace editing and uploading some of the remaining pictures from my trip home. These are from Powerscourt Estate in Co. Wicklow. It's an obvious destination for day-trippers and tourists, but I still enjoy it every time. After all, there's a rose garden and two giant Pegasuses (Pegasi?) flanking a pond. It's a rule that one must be cheered by roses and Pegasuses...

More photos here.
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