Howth village

Lest my photos of Howth Head deceived anybody into thinking I was in the countryside, let me clarify that Howth is very much part of Dublin... a mere half hour drive from the city centre in good traffic.

The peninsula of Howth forms the northside of Dublin Bay. But the village of Howth, sheltered by Ireland's Eye, is its own port too and was originally a fishing village. Residents like to tell you it's all been ruined... now a haven for famous occupants and day-tripping tourists. But, when you walk down the pier, it's still a port and place for work for many fishermen.

Dad always jokes that I'll photograph any old rusty boat, and it's true I gravitate towards the fishing pier and not the more popular promenade south pier. I took to wandering there so often with my camera, one of the fisherman called out, nodding in my direction, "paparazzi is at it again". Classic Dubliner.

More photos here.
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