Somehow, I lost all sense of the date and only realized it's a long weekend yesterday, but hooray for happy surprises.

I want to thank everybody for the shop orders. It's been ticking along all week and I'm starting to get excited about reclaiming some space in my apartment, not to mention that lovely sense of something put to rest. The sale continues and you can shop here.

My week was full of that feeling as I also cancelled by cable and home phone. It's almost as if I'm enacting a move on the cards with that lovely feeling of lightening a load, looking around and thinking, what else can I get rid of!?

On the back of my Cloud Atlas post, I've been browsing The Composites. I love what creator Brian Joseph Davis wrote (here) in this blog post about the important aspect of disappointment in the project:

"The New Yorker’s book blog reports on The Composites with an honest and funny take. I’m quite glad they gleaned that disappointment is an integral part of the project. Let me add that disappointment may be an important part of literary pleasure in general, what with that gulf between thought and representation."

And also a link from Jessica's Read. Look. Think. about what we see when we read:

"Most authors (wittingly, unwittingly), provide us, readers, with more behavior for their characters than character description. Even if an author excels at physical description, we are left with shambling concoctions of stray body parts and random detail (author’s can’t tell us everything). We fill in lacunae. We shade them. We gloss over them. We elide. . . . Anna: her hair, her weight: These are facets only, and do not make up a true image of a person. They make up a body type, a hair color … But what does she look like? We don’t know. (Our mental sketches of characters are worse than police composites.)"

I've been buying lots of books lately. Some from Melville House Books and from Miel too. I'm trying to eke out new things, new ideas. I've also been writing a lot and feel some kind of fire in my belly about all of it.

Speaking of books: Dream home. And the paintings too.

Happy long weekend!

P.S. It's a blue moon tonight, do something worthy... there isn't another until 2015!
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