While in Ireland, I made the decision to close my shop. My writing workload has grown over the last year and the shop ended up, by default, taking a back-seat.

There's very little stock left in the store, only one left of most things, as I've been letting it coast along. But I need things firmly off my list and so I'm giving everything a final push to clear out the shop and close her down. Everything is reduced in price, so... happy shopping!

Finally, I want to thank everybody in the blog world who was supportive of my shop. When I launched, many of you wrote lovely, supportive posts. I'm also very grateful for all the orders I've received and the sweet meetings I've made through the shop, with talented makers and artists, as well as customers.

Some of my personal favourites include:
- Jennifer Graham's three-vessel set
- Kosoy & Bouchard's arabesque vase
- The Roundcross blanket from Welsh mill, Melin Tregwynt
- And, the marble paper handbound Irish notebooks - my favourite thing to write Very Deep Thoughts in!

Visit the shop here
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