I always come back to a shroud of blues and soft neutrals; those wispy seaside hues. These are some things I've been collecting on my desktop lately...

I hope to get my hands on the Loneliness issue of Here and There. Loneliness is something that intrigues me, but it's often written about defensively. Like introversion and being single, people tend to register as being over-emphatic when they defend being alone.

But I feel being happy/unhappy, alone/lonely, single/coupled and extroverted/introverted are all separate things and to see necessary crossovers between those sets of things is to oversimplify more complex feelings and ways-of-being. I'd like to find ways of talking about all of it without defensiveness or idealization, but including mixed feelings and doubt, the sublime and the sad.

But, now, back to those wispy blues...

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