Sunday best: Reality break

I'm in a pre-holiday hustle to get everything wrapped before I go away. Yesterday, I took care of all my writing deadlines (writing the word "FINAL" in a subject line brings me untold joy). And I rewarded myself at the end of it with roses from the flower market.

If I was a millionaire with a sky-writer, I would have spelled out the words, perfect day, yesterday. Even with deadlines, I couldn't help but revel in the sunlight, that kind of weather that necessitates the scenic walking route to get to everything. Today, my day is a little looser and I'll probably enjoy an epic reading session.

Second reads of favourite books always make me nervous... I dread discovering that the book, with the story and structure no longer a mystery, becomes a dried up version of my memory. But Cloud Atlas is transporting me a second time. David Mitchell has a brilliant mind... I think he must have a different sort of brain altogether. I know I keep saying it, but reading him is head-wrecking in the best possible way.

But, let's talk about clothes! I love this outfit even if it's something that would look terrible on me. It's one of the things I like about these Sunday best posts... that I get to fantasize an outfit that I couldn't wear. Most of the time I'm more interested in relating something to what I might actually wear, but once in awhile you see something that simply necessitates a break from reality!

Happy Sunday!

Products: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell | Tsumori Chisato Lamé Docking Top from La Garconne | Illesteva Murdoch sunglasses from Net-a-Porter | Shoe 05 from ABK-NYC | La Laque Couture No.5 from YSL | Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil from NARS | Yoko Pleated Trousers from Toast
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