Sunday best: Languor

Summer's languor is getting to me. I set out happy and buoyant and within blocks I'm chasing shade and thinking about iced drinks and air-conditioning.Yesterday, my whole body ached, drained and in some kind of summer stupor. The atmosphere in Toronto needs a good clearing out... much as they terrify me, a thunderstorm would be a good thing right now.

But there's an upside to that languor too... hours whiled away reading, nibbling on summer salads and local fruit, rests taken under the shade of trees. Dropping down into ravines and feeling the temperature cool with the descent. And the sudden, unquenchable joy of a cold, cold shower.

And though I'm physically drained, I feel energetic too. In the stillness of summer, I feel a sudden clarity and purpose, my creative energy is undampened by the heat. And maybe that's not an accident. Perhaps these slow days, languid make me feel more vital in other ways.

Coping with extremes is such a sharpening thing; that constant self-monitoring of how comfortable you are, how hydrated, if skin is starting to burn. I find myself making cold calculations... and that physical decisiveness makes me low on patience for anything that doesn't feel right, decisively ruling things out and moving on to what I really want to do.

So, between cold showers and spells lying down by the air conditioner, things are buzzing along. Happily.

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