Sunday best: Canada Day heatwave

Happy Canada Day!

It's a hot weekend in a cleared-out city, but I'm more at ease with the weather than previous years. Still, cold drinks and shady breaks are very much the order when these heatwaves hit.

Yesterday, I started rereading The Story of Lucy Gault and its vivid imagery of the sea also helps my mind stay cool too. If you haven't read this book, I recommend it or anything really by William Trevor. Gosh, he can use his words.

And while that book transports me to Ireland, front of mind this month is the fact I mark nine years since I first arrived in Canada. I've always felt Toronto greets newcomers with benign indifference. Maybe that was just me. Or maybe it's real and a function of the sheer number of people who land in this city every year. I struggled with it when I first arrived... I guess I really wanted a big welcome hug.

But there's an upside to this indifference  and now it's what I love most about Canada. When I go back to Ireland, I feel it pressing in on me from all sides. After years of being here, more than anything I hate feeling smothered by a place or by people. I also really believe that, in myself, I've been able to do things here that I could not have done elsewhere... precisely because of this open-concept sense of space I feel here. I can't imagine being anywhere else now.

So, Happy Canada Day, fellow Canadians! And happy July too!

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