Sleepless nights, drowsy days - a strange veil over the week, dreams out of nowhere with people dredged up from past lives. I'm looking forward to a weekend of simple chores and meals at familiar places with easy company.

I've been enjoying Read. Look. Think. and find myself trawling through archives.

I've been thinking about putting everything on the table, weighing up its merits and downsizing some things. We (or at least I) can sometimes coast for a long time, doing things out of habit and unquestioning. I think my holiday will be good for this. It's good to go somewhere and table everything.

BFF is coming home next week and will be staying at my place while I'm away. I miss him when he's gone so am looking forward to him laughing at me, which tends to happen a lot.

I'll spend a lot of the weekend thinking about what cameras to take with me. Tripod and lenses too. I always imagine myself capturing it all, but I get there and mostly want to put down my camera.

Happy weekend.
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