It's cooler now. And got there without the big storm we were all looking up for. I keep feeling that something's missing, only to realize that I'm only not constantly working around the heat, gauging appetite, thirstiness, need for yet another cold shower.

I hope it stays this way. I've felt hemmed-in by these heavy days and I need to pin down fragments that have been too hot to come to rest. I want to walk far in green places and eat ice lollies without urgent feelings.

I don't have a lot of links for you this week. Right now, I love the calm beauty of Nadia's blog. I often wish I could be on her hill and in her gentle company.

And, my friend, Hila's book has been published! Such a wonderful thing and I'm so looking forward to reading her work.

Early in the week, I read this piece by Colm Tóibín in the New York Times. He writes with such soft alacrity that I always immediately respond to him. There's such familiarity in Tóibín's voice too; a certain cadence and turn of phrase, I suppose, though he's never wasteful with those easy Irish ways of saying things.

Thank you for your comments and e-mails this week. I hope you have a lovely weekend!
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