Friday at last! My week has been busy and blurry. I spent most of it thinking my holiday is in two weeks, only to realize last night that it's three weeks away. Ugh... I hate clocks and calendars and measuring devices of most kinds.

And I've got all these half-formed, but exciting, ideas brewing. But they're ideas I need time to spread out in front of me and I can't do that until I go away. So, I feel like I'm living in the threshold and being stuck there for another few weeks makes me hoppy. But I know it's frustrating when people blog about half-formed ideas they're not ready to share so I'll stop doing that right now.

Instead, I'll tell you about something I finished this week; rereading Lucy Gault. That evening was basically a write-off because all I could do was cry afterwards. Lucy is one of my favourite characters written, Trevor that perfect balance of emotive storyteller and master wordsmith. It's all deceptively easy, sublime and crisp... ah, just read it. I never tell, I always recommend, but I'm telling you this time.

And some links: Anna Emilia's last two posts blew my mind with their beauty... especially the raindrops on the surface of water. Love the mood in these shots! Over on Anne's blog, this chalky pastel palette wooed me.

And back to bookish matters: Alice Munro is another favourite, of course, and I loved this post over on new-to-me blog, A Crack in Everything. Of course, I'm have a recurring interest in our inability to truly know each other, so this post, and thinking about that in a parental light, intrigued me.

Finally, I'm including a link to a post that I haven't yet read all the way through. But I've read half of it and Hila never disappoints. The images have stayed with me all week, so that I wanted to carve out real time to wallow and reflect on her words. Definitely a good one to read over coffee tomorrow morning!

Have a great weekend!
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