Short weeks are often an optical illusion. We think the four days will fly, but Friday remains an elusive dot on the horizon. But it's here at last and I'm happy for that.

There were some lovely and amazing things around the ole 'sphere this week. Couture collections always trickle into the most decadent posts, but none can beat this Game of Thrones / Givenchy post over on Miss Moss.

And Hila crafted this gorgeous post featuring Wuthering Heights' Catherine. I tend to fight with very concrete visualizations of favourite fiction as they often end up replacing something more vague and personal that I imagined as I read. But Hila's posts are more allusions than depictions and they inspire the same vague, meandering, somewhat ineffable ideas.

The Toronto heatwave broke last night and resumed again this morning. I'll be reaching for cold drinks all weekend. I might give rosemary lemonade with cherries a whirl... it's a while since I muddled something! Though this was a tasty muddle too - oh, I can't wait to get my hands on some Ontario peaches!

If you're on Instagram, you'll be familiar with the weekend brunch deluge. But nobody captures their meals more beautifully than Alice and she shared some of her recent brunches on her blog this week. I think I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning!

My other plans include a haircut, a gallivant and maybe a movie. Optical illusions or not, I wouldn't mind if it were another 3-day weekend! But I'll soldier on.

Have a great weekend!
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