Sunday best: Pulp

Yesterday, I hit the beauty counters at Holts pretty hard - Chanel, YSL and Byredo. Damage was done! I wear Rose Noir (signature scent-style), but there are so many fragrances from Byredo's range that I'm drawn to in different ways. Pulp is one I'd never wear, but when I smell it, it's like a tropical juice explosion in my mouth.

So, when today's Sunday best started looking so fruity, I thought for certain a little bit of Pulp, in body lotion form, should be permitted.

My weekend has had such a lovely cast over it, not least because I have tomorrow and Tuesday off work too. It takes all the pressure off today for the usual chores and, since I did more than enough spending yesterday, it'll just be me and my book for most of today, which is just the kind of Sunday I like.

And after a shocking heatwave last week, the temperature has come right down and it's even a bit overcast as I write. All of this has me in a gentler and unhurried mood, without the stupefaction that comes with heavier heat. There's something about a heatwave that narrows your vision right down to the day you're in. With the heat lifted, everything seems immediately more open concept and I'll enjoy feeling my way around that expanded space today.

Happy Sunday!

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