Sunday best: Leisurely stroll

My weekend has been purposeful in a good way. On Friday, I made for the flower markets and bought up peonies, roses and mock orange... what a heady mix! And yesterday, I cleaned and ran errands, did laundry and fixed things that needed fixing.

The weather says today will be sunny, so I'm going to take a long and leisurely stroll in the ravine. I'll slather myself with sunblock (I don't like to get any sun these days) and I'll take my camera and my book too. And I'll find somewhere to stop for a coffee and a read.

I've been off balance lately... too busy to make good decisions about diet and exercise and in a funk because of it. Making time for workouts and forcing myself back into those happier routines has been a focus this weekend and, happily, I followed through.

It's always hard for me to carve out time for workouts when work gets nuts... it's easier to say "make it a priority", than actually do it. But that's exactly what I need to do since work isn't likely to quieten soon.

Tonight's reward is some good company, sorbet and HBO. Simple pleasures.

Happy Sunday!

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