Sage & sepia

Some images that have been capturing my imagination lately... I'm really drawn to these subdued sage greens and sepia-washed images. But I love the decadence of these images too.

There's a little story about the ring... I commissioned it from the amazing Kate Szabone as a birthday present for myself. I had been collecting images of vintage rings for the longest time and found that Kate had some in her store that were very close to what I was looking for. A few minor tweaks, stone and metal of my choice and I got everything I wanted! Kate was absolutely amazing to work with.

Image credits:
1. Houghton collection, photographed by Anne Moller
2. Ring (my own) - custom order from Kate Szabone
3. Chewy chocolate meringues from Food52, photographed by James Ransom
4. Peony BP 2313 wallpaper from Farrow & Ball
5. Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Bologna, Italy by David Leventi from Bau-Xi
6. Houghton collection, photographed by Anne Moller
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