Yay Friday! It's a well-earned four-day weekend for me and I don't even fully realize it yet. I've been so stuck in the day-to-day humps that I've lost my sense of larger context all week.

But I want to thank you for all your comments on my transformation post. It means a lot when people comment and e-mail in response to these more reflective and personal posts.

Yesterday, I read this article about singles' cultural invisibility and it seemed connected to what I wrote and some other conversations I've been having. It's hard not to fantasize about transformation or emergence when you sometimes feel invisible to your culture, when sometimes even those closest to you perceive you as a singleton waiting to become whatever it is we become when we hitch our wagon to another.

But, lighter thoughts: I have fun plans for the weekend and there are some exciting projects I'm working on. I've been doing good writing and reading, which always colours the days for me. And even this heatwave we've been having has been tiring me in delicious, deep-sleeping ways.

What are you up to? I hope it's lovely.
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