My summer soundtrack is turning out to be Great Lake Swimmers new album. I find myself singing it when I'm walking. I sang about driving across the the Luminous Veil as I walked across it this week. I find myself in the ravine humming the same little chorus, sometimes singing it out loud.

I never thought I could love Toronto the way I love Dublin. I thought I would always love it in different ways... in the ways I have loved it the last 8 years, in the ways I notice loving it a little more each time I return to it. But lately, it's more like the way I wrote about loving being on Howth. It's completely sudden and surprising to me.

And there's more. The way I'm feeling about the city is changing everything. It's changing the way I feel about myself in the city. About how I feel in my own skin too. It's all very difficult to articulate... a deep and comfortable sense feeling of belonging. And it's only now that I've happened onto it that I realize how hard it has been without that sense... how necessary it is for me, how it's the place where everything starts.

Chelsea blogged this little photo essay, Undone and I was instantly smitten. Often, I feel completely saturated by beautiful styled images (there's so much talent), but occasionally something breaks through and inspires me the way I remember being inspired, simply and with a desire to look and look again, to keep and reference.

I also loved so much of this Matisse post on Miss Moss. Matisse is rarely on my top list of artists, but he is one who I think changed the way I look, how I see what I see. This post reinforced that.

My weekend should be fun—I've got plans to be out and about, plans to work, plans to wander, plans involving flower shops and others involving coffee cups. Oh and happy Bloomsday tomorrow!

What are you up to? Have a good one!
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