The weather set a strange tone all week. Rain and thunderstorms, sudden bursts of sunlight.

I'm falling back into that well-worn furrow: work-homework-work. Moving through the city without energy or engagement. So, it's been a hard week and there's always a certain momentum to these ways, one that I struggle with. But I hope to reset myself this weekend, wander away from the familiar routes and just be in the world more.

Tonight after work I'm going to buy myself a big bunch of flowers (I thought I had peony fatigue from Instagram, but then I swooned over these). And hopefully the rain will hold off long enough for a nice long stroll on Saturday morning (if I could wear Stephanie's imaginary outfit, I'd be a happy duck).

I'm between books right now and that's probably hurting me too... I literally bookend most days with an hour or more of reading. When I don't have that time, when there isn't a cast of characters or ideas seizing my attention, I feel rudderless and even a little lonely in my world.

What are you up to this weekend? Hope it's a lovely one!
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