Yesterday, I set out from home, grabbed a coffee and cookie and sat in the park reading Pessoa. Then I took myself down into the ravine. It was blissfully cool down there, the shade, the smells, butterflies, the sounds of running water. It's a salve after hot concrete and exhaust.

All of this is on my doorstep and I don't explore it enough. It got me thinking about things I want to do this summer. Over the weekend, I hemmed and hawed about whether to go home to Ireland this summer, perhaps in August. If I do, it will be a well-timed break from the heat, a chance to dive into salt water... which is usually what I'm imagining doing while navigating Toronto hot days. Pretty irresistible.

But I don't just want to focus my energy on one thing. I want to make sure I enjoy each week. Here are some smaller, sillier things I'm promising myself
- Play badminton in the park
- Picnic and explore the ravines
- Go to the farmers' market most weekends
- Eat sorbet and ice lollies aplenty
- Read many, many books
- Get through my scary birthday without losing my mind
- Daytrip to Toronto Island
- Reach new flower-arranging heights!

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