Sunday best: Netsuke and other small things

Yesterday was a good day. I didn't work at all... found myself in some new places in the city, happily deciding to walk another block, go for a second coffee, stop to smell the lilacs at every house walking up the hill.

I weighed myself in the morning and that was a kick in the ass I needed. Pounds creep on very easily for us Flanagans and I always seem to let my vigilance slip when I'm overworked... feeling like the least I deserve is a treat here and there and a workout skipped. And you know how it goes... a skipped day becomes a skipped week...

So, I'm back on my exercise kick. I would love to say that weight is not something that's constantly on my mind, that I'm not always on either the good or bad side of it... but I can't. I'm never able to reach a point where I can be natural and indifferent, where I can trust myself to strike a natural balance. It's a tug-of-war that's been a pretty significant feature of my adult life.

It's interesting to note that the less I exercise the more it occupies my thoughts and clouds my day... when I just get on with it, all that conflation gets nipped in the bud. It becomes the small thing it is. So, I'll get my class out of the way today and then pat myself on the back and have a lovely day. I got all my chores done yesterday and finally found those elusive lilacs at the flower market (my apartment smells divine!)

That leaves me to find myself a coffee shop and hunker down with my book. I'm still reading the Hare with Amber Eyes and love it. I want a netsuke of my own now... and saw this one on 1stDibs though of course it's unaffordable. Rather than dwelling on my covetous inklings, I'm thinking about all of those other small things - physical and otherwise, good and not so good- that are already part of the fabric of my life. Thinking of things this way makes me happy.

Happy Sunday!

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