Sunday best: Gallery day

I've got a tonne of work to do today, so it's not likely I'll get to do anything fun. But if the day were truly mine, I'd head to the AGO to see the Picasso exhibit.

Yesterday, I did a lot of practical chores, washing floors and windows, scrubbing my bathroom and making lists. I've decided to do another month of daily yoga for the month of June and set myself some other goals for the summer months.

I'm also dying to buy a bunch of summer dresses right now. I love this one with its Matisse-like print. And although I never wear yellow, I like it here in this small dose.

This week is going to be a busy one, so I'll be happy to have a routine planned to lean on through it.

Happy Sunday!

Products: Tucker silk-blend georgette dress from Net-a-Porter | The Acrobat (1930) by Picasso | Adelita polish from NARS | Brompton straw mini-hobo from J.Crew | Peep toe High from Swedish Hasbeen | Glossy Stain from YSL

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