Sunday best: Feeling like summer

It feels like the season has turned over. After a week of rain, the sun came out with a vengeance. The trees that flank the entrance to my apartment building finally burst with leaves - they're always the stubborn latecomer. And my neighbourhood is shrouded in lilac. May, it turns out, is a pretty glorious month.

Today's look is designed just for that feeling. Casual, timeless, summer. Boyfriend jeans, the softest tee, shoes that make it easy to dash and skip and walk back up the hill...

The only thing I seem to need right now is a new book. I finished mine yesterday. Today, I'll run my hands over the shelves until I hit one I haven't read or want to reread and it will come off the shelf get a bookmark and go into my purse.

I'll resist my chores because I want to stay outside - laundry and vacuuming can maybe wait a day - and I'll try to take my work with me, so I'm not the wrong side of the window, looking out at a day that I want instead to be dropped into.

Happy Sunday!

Products: Image from Madewell catalogue, via The Neotraditionalist | Kain Striped modal T-shirt from Net-a-Porter | RB2132 - 875 Wayfarer from Ray-Ban | Current/Elliott The Roller jeansfrom Net-a-Porter | Gold linen tennis shoes from Bensimon | Mimi Big Elsie from Mimi Berry
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