Good thing I didn't write this last night, cause I was in a foul mood after a foul week. But the prospect of the weekend is a little balm and, even though I'll be working, it can really only get better than the last few days.

But let's not dwell on crap and instead look at nice things... Jessica set up a new home for her floral artistry - prepare to swoon upon visiting Ellamah. I have a bit of a collection of glassware, so I loved this post over on coco+kelley. One of my kitchen dreams is glass-front upper cabinets so I can display everything just so.]

One of these Ben Fiess jars is now on my wishlist thanks to D*S. And, from another Ben, I'm already counting the days until the release of Ben Pentreath's book.

And finally, though I'm stuck in the city and it's already getting a little too hot for me, I live each summer vicariously through Amy's posts about Elmwood. Wish every one of us could have a secret spot so lovely. Don't you think the world would be a better place for it?

Happy weekend, friends!
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