My weeks usually fly, but this one dragged and I thought at every point I was a day farther ahead than I was—a small but pinprick agony all week.

But bonus rewards: It's a long weekend here in Canada! So I might actually take some time off this weekend and do things I feel like I haven't had time to do in a long time - go to the farmer's market and gallivant and watch a movie without that looming sense of a deadline defied at the back of my mind.

I finally got my hands on Bringing Nature Home this week and plan to try my hand at some of those unruly arrangements I feel like I've been never able to master. Toronto really clears out on summer weekends (it often feels like I'm the only person left in my neighbourhood), but there's a loveliness to that... a chance to really stretch out in the city.

I think maybe I'll take a blanket to the park this weekend too and read my book in the sunshine. The days are sunny - that perfect sunniness of May, when the air is still clear and crisp, but warm too. It's hard not to be happy every time I step outdoors.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!
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