One of those strange weeks that simultaneously dragged and flew. But I'm happy it's Friday, as always!

I spotted these botanical portraits in my reader this morning and was instantly smitten. This weekend, I actually have to bring my giant moon to the framing shop. It's going to keep me company in my bedroom! And I've had this post starred in my reader for a long time - the beautiful arrangement of all those muted pieces really makes me happy.

Also! I'm in the mood for baking. Maybe some rosewater madeleines or Erin's lemon cake. You can always get my attention with a citrus dessert. I've been feeling very bored by the food I'm making lately (no time to cook means falling back reliable repeats at dinnertime)... so I'd like to spend some time this weekend hitting my cookbooks for some new easy staples.

It's clear I'm craving sensual delights - also thinking about a trip to the flower market. I watched my peonies fade from bright coral to muted peach and finally white this week, until I woke up one morning and there were petals strewn all over my coffee table and just bare stems in the vase. It was such a lovely process to watch unfurl. I saw some sweet peas yesterday so maybe I'll bring some home for my nightstand. They're my absolute favourite!

I'm deliberately making myself not tell you how much I've been working. I get so bored by the "busy rant" - I know we're all busy and juggling. I'd rather focus on trying to carve out a little calm, a little beauty.

I hope you have some of that this weekend too!
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