13th Street Winery

"an aroma redolent of fruit blossom, lemon/lime, granny smith apple and wet stone"

Could there be a more beautiful description? When it comes to wine, I don't know a lot. My family are huge wine drinkers and like most things related to my family, I somehow managed to stay on the outside of it. Not that I don't love wine, I simply don't know a lot about it.

But I know what I like, mostly citrus and berry tasting white wines. I like a lot of Ontario Rieslings. And I think New Zealand's Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc is a revelation... guava and mango-tinged wine? Hell yes! My recent Ontario favourite (as of Saturday night) is 13th Street Winery. I feel like a field trip is order!

I sometimes wander into the LCBO and wonder what it would be like to know that complex world, to browse row after row, not making my ultimate decision based on a funny formula of label, price and description. I put it on the list of things I might learn about, get inside of. But part of me likes where I am, without the burden of context and comparison, just liking the immediate taste, the colour, the feel of the glass in my hand, the company that gathers when I open a bottle.
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