Softly monochromatic

It has to be said that despite recent forays into colour, I remain steadfastly a neutrals girl. Colour will always be a fleeting thing for me - flowers, nail polish... transient little hits sate my appetite for the hue of the moment. But I feel fully myself wearing neutrals, surrounded by neutrals. What I love about these images in particular is there's still some softness and nostalgia to them...

1. Two scarves I'm in love with: Scout and Catalogue's Galileo Moon and Fieldguided's Mountain. I really couldn't choose. Both call to me with equally dulcet tones.

2. Jennifer Ament's art really appeals to me right now. I have a secret spot up high on a wall where I'd love to hang her mask.

3. ELA's D.D. tote is on my "investment" wishlist. I loved this bag at first sight. I loved it even more when I saw it was inspired by a door in Florence.

4. These Deux Souliers shoes and me. Forever.

5. I recently ordered some tea and the most beautiful tea strainer I have ever seen from Bellocq. If it weren't for the blogosphere, I'd think I was pretty silly for liking a tea strainer quite as much as I do this. The Little Dickens tea is amazing too.

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