June in April

I've decided April's colour is "June", which is confusing I'll admit. Actually, I bought Chanel's June nail polish in February and couldn't resist wearing it in March, but I've decided that it's really the colour for April and have been noticing shades of it everywhere. It's not a colour I'm wild for en masse - but I love it mixed in with mostly neutrals.

And the pattern of the moment is polka dots, which makes for a very happy Janey! That Rennes tote is winging its way to me as I type (eep!) Though, let's be honest, every month could be polka dot and I'd only start to crave a little plaid come the fall.

Okay, I'm going to say this bit really fast: Very occasionally I see a dress and think to myself, if I were ever to get married, I would do it in that dress. I feel that way about this Carven dress shown here. But that will never happen, so let's pretend I didn't said anything and move along.

And I'm obsessing about decor, which is very frustrating when you have no money to spend. The stores near my apartment all have gorgeous displays of intaglios. One in particular has lovely burnished silver frames and my heart skips a beat every time I go inside.

What colour is creeping into your consciousness right now?

Images: June nail polish by Chanel | Heath ceramics seasonal bud vases | Riley tote by Rennes | David Austin Carding Mill rose | Carven Dress from La Garconne | Rochas Suede pumps from Net-a-Porter | Antique framed intaglios from 1stDibs | Living room via Lonny
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