Sometimes I think I should really get over the whole "Friday" thing. The emphasis we place on it is so clearly outdated... harks back to a time when weekends (and summers and time in general) stretched far as the eye can see. And now all these things are more like the pause between in inhalation and exhalation; that brief second when you're neither breathing in nor out... Too fleeting to even quantify.

Still, the idea of Friday still has potent connotations. It's really difficult not to act as if it means some kind of unfettered freedom, even when it mostly means working weekends and chores. Those weekend associations are too strong to go ignored. No matter what I tell myself, I'll never be wholly blasé about reaching Friday.

After featuring Anabela's scarves (twice), I thought I really deserved one (anybody else use their blog to build a case for making a purchase?) I think mine's at the post office right now - am so excited to collect it! And yesterday, thanks to Pennyweight, I went for another silk scarf. This one had me at "Gauguin."

So many dreamy things around these days! I went a little berserk for Amy's epic arrangement. I fell pretty hard for the photography of Roberto Rubalcava, spotted on Miss Moss. Jessica's photos and posts always feel like a beautiful dream to me... perfect light and all those beautiful plants!

I'm going to give the flower market another go for lilacs this weekend and I'll cram some gallivanting in between stints of work. Wishing you a grand weekend!
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