My day started today with a lovely comment from Eva Zeisel's granddaughter on an older Inspiring Women post I wrote. Her family have published a book "Eva Zeisel: A Soviet Prison Memoir", her story of being imprisoned under Stalin, which I'm sure is worth checking out. Such an intriguing and inspirational woman she was! You can learn more on the Facebbook page too.

Thank crunchie for Friday! My week has been hectic with work and I feel like I haven't come up for air at all. I've been making little promises to myself to hit the flower market with a vengeance this weekend and have my fingers crossed that there will be an abundance of lilacs there. I always feel like I wait and wait for the lilacs to come... they make me so happy (I enjoyed looking at these ones while I was dreaming about them).

I also have ten pages left of my book and I know I'm going to cry... so I'm planning to squirrel away and savour those last pages and then bawl my eyes out. And isn't it curious that we can look forward to those kinds of moments of sadness, save ourselves up for them, knowing we'll be devastated and wanting that beautiful release.

I loved these thoughts on contradictions on Jessica's blog. I feel like it's somehow related to my own reflections this week. Siubhan's London trip and high tea made me strangely happy, somehow a little weepy, but in a good way... maybe I'm just so tired everything beautiful strikes me as a little tragic. Oh, am I even making sense?

Anyway, that's me for another week. Thanks for all the kind comments and e-mails this week. I wish you all a lovely weekend!
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