Sunday best: Taxed

The weather is tempestuous here. On Friday night, we had 80 km/h winds and they whistled through my sleep all night, putting me in a strange state the next day. I was up early for an appointment and the streets were quiet, all the newspaper stands tipped over and my streetcar stop was even blown apart.

Today, I'm setting myself a very boring task - tax returns. I may not get everything filed, but am hoping to organize all my paperwork and begin the filing process. I usually like to get everything done early. Strangely, it's one of those terrible chores that gives me an odd sense of satisfaction.

I'm a little in disarray and it likely makes me bad company right now, blogging and otherwise. It's difficult to talk to people, to get to the heart of the matter. There's only so much to say about things that aren't nice and easy. And when you've decided not to say them, it leaves you grasping for another topic, making clumsy, distracted small-talk.

So maybe taxes today will be a little bit of a refuge from all that. And the calculations will be easy and the books will balance. And I'll wish other things could be as easy as those additions and subtractions.

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