Sunday best: Spring forward

Losing an hour of sleep is a tough break. Still, there's something nice about springing forward, about drawing a line under one season, moving one time zone without traveling.

I'm going to take that mood today and make some new commitments. I've been off kilter the last few weeks. Too much work has meant too little yoga. Too much agro at the office has meant fraught feelings. It has all started to pervade my days and I need to set myself upright again.

I've been thinking a lot about kindness the last few days. It's one of those things that we either take for granted or seem scornful of. Kindness is seen as a weakness at work, something that will let you be taken advantage of, betraying a softness, a lack of edge. In relationships, even, it can seem like a double-edged compliment.

I usually set ostensive goals like fitness, income, travel and the like. Right now, I'm thinking about values. I've been recalling my favourite job and trying to understand why I loved it. It boiled down to the fact my boss was kind man and the work was necessary and good.

Some of my current situations and relationships are especially unkind or indifferent, even adversarial. I feel over all of it, too old to be caught up with unkind people and situations that leave me feeling fraught. I know it's a hackneyed old phrase, but life really is too short.

Today, I'm going to throw on my favourite jeans and sweater and go for a long stroll. It's a beautiful spring day, so I'll ditch my coat and I'll think about all of this while I walk. And I'll look for ways of moving towards something altogether kinder.

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