Invisible threads

The invisible threads that run through my days occasionally come to land on something tangible, a mood I can't quite articulate, a palette that's barely noticeable. Disarray comes coherent.

All these images, songs, ideas, products that have bubbled up in my consciousness the last few weeks. To varying degrees they're all working a sort of magic on me. When I look at them I can see the larger magic, there's a spell that binds those invisible threads. I find this the most beautiful part.

References: Melancholia (I watched last weekend and found beautiful) | Lyrics from "He's Very Good With Animals" by Great Lake Swimmers (one of my happy songs) | Nature Boy by Lizzy Stewart which always seems like the embodiment of that song | Beautiful moodboard via Piamita | The fabric from this dress | Divine Erdem scarf | Bellocq tea strainer (I just ordered Little Dickens tea) | The lampshade in this picture reminds me of my bedside lamp when I was little, it always sat crooked too - photograph by Sharyn Cairns for Homelife
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