This week just flew... too many balls in the air.  I'm looking forward to kicking back tonight and downing some cocktails before I launch into another working weekend.

Still, I'm happy for spring and bluebells along the banks of the subway where it comes outdoors. And forsythia setting my neighbourhood alight too. And being busy carries its own merits and distractions from things I'm feeling but can't quite pin down, a readiness for bigger changes perhaps.

I've been allowing myself to be distracted by prettiness in my reader too, like this post over on sfgirlbybay (the image of bookshelves and a painterly floor, particularly pretty). And rhubarb is one of my favourite flavours and colours, so I'm longing to try this rhubarb cake recipe, though it's true I rarely get past stewing rhubarb and eating it with ice-cream (a feast if ever there was one).

I loved this lookbook on Miss Moss. It reminded me of Dublin's park benches and what a treat it is to eat a sandwich with a book in Merrion Square or the Iveagh Gardens. I wonder will there ever come a day when I don't think of Dublin as quickly as I seem to these days (I'm not sure if that would make me feel better or worse).

Apart from Bellinis, lemon drops and work, I'm very much hoping I do lots of yoga this weekend. I seem to have lost my steady rhythm the last few weeks and that's nagging at me. Hopefully, some classes improve my sleep too, which has been fitful all week. I would really like nothing more than to feel fully rested!

What are you up to? Happy weekend!
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