I've had the loveliest week off. Toronto weather has just been glorious (it's raining as I type, but I can hardly complain) and I felt in love with my city the whole week.

I did do a lot of work, writing and even doing a photo-shoot for work, so it wasn't 100% vacation, but I made the in-between time count and just being here instead of at a table in the middle of a sea of tables made the experience so much sweeter.

With a little bit of down-time, it's surprising where your mind will come to rest on certain things. Some decisions I had been struggling with (I blogged recently about giving up the ghost on certain ideas) just seemed to find their natural order and found myself accepting of that in a way I haven't been able to be.

It made me think about how much (or how little) I'm really "me" when my day-to-day is stressed or overworked. I find decisions harder to make, I feel confused about what I need to fight versus what I should accept. It's interesting to think how the structure of our days alters our perception. I guess taking a holiday but not going anywhere makes that even more obvious. I was a different person in my city this week.

Some things I loved around the 'sphere this week: Erin's week in objects reminded me (indirectly) of my own sweet week—Bensimons and cherry blossoms are definitely spring talismans! Siubhan's bits and pieces had a similar effect on me. I also love her post on portraits. And citrus is my favourite flavour, so I'm dying to preserve some lemons!

What are you up to this weekend? I hope it's a lovely one!
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