What a beautiful week! No matter what had happened in the 9-to-5, I left the office each day happy. I saw my first robin of the year and then I saw robins everywhere. I ate ice cream (twice!) and bought crazy new shoes and took this blurry photo of my apartment that I love.

All of this exuberance is a much-needed antidote to some of the stuff still unfurling right now. I'm choosing to be happy in spite of it, clinging to the beautiful fragments. But there will be a respite: I booked an entire week off next week. I haven't been getting as much writing done lately, so want to buckle down to that. And enjoy more of this gorgeous weather too.

I want to thank everybody who left a comment on my Pinterest post. I was delighted that my more personal reasons resonated with so many because it's all previously left me feeling all knotted up. And I was mostly relieved nobody yelled at me.

Other lovely things around our little sphere included: Siubhan's stunning photos, Chelsea's dream retreat on Les îsles De La Madeleine and Aran's fleur de sel chocolate chip cookies. This lover's eyes post is one I've had starred for a few weeks - I've long been obsessed with these and always secretly wanted to have one done of my violet eyes (my only remarkable feature). Also on my lust list is a studded ELA purse. Ever since I saw the inspiration, I've been obsessed.

To my friends at home in Ireland, Happy St Patrick's Day! Wishing everybody a lovely weekend!
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