Young lady

I fell for this young lady on first sight and she is currently winging her way to me. That I love the grey tones will be no surprise to anybody who knows me in real life. But it's the slightly uncertain, nervous look in her eyes that really captured me. In all her splendour, there's a vulnerability to her.

This is turning into a week where I feel a little uncertain myself. So, I'll be glad when she's here to keep me company. You can find more beautiful prints and original artwork at Tush Tush on Etsy.

Oh, I know it's only Wednesday but I'm feeling midweek beat. Last night I thought I might give you a poem today. I suppose I had a poem in my head, one that I had not read yet. It's often like that. And I pull at books and read the first few lines until I feel the hook sink in. And I reel it in carefully, hoping it doesn't break free.

But I had no patience last night. I just wanted one big juicy one to swim up and jump into my net. And the more I read the more I thought about all those words, laboured over and just wasted on me in that moment. Until I felt like I didn't deserve to find a good one anymore. And I went to bed instead.
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