Update the basics

All the new collections pull my attention to colours and items that signify the change in weather, the allure of the months ahead. And I won't lie to you, little pops of pink and dusty rose have been following me home on still-chilly Toronto nights, finding a home in my closet and on my dressing table.

But what my wardrobe is really crying out for is a basics update. I lost some weight over the last few months (all that hot yoga!) and my jeans are falling off me, which is good, of course, but saggy-ass jeans are not a good look. Bulky winter knitwear got me off the hook for a while, but these concealment tactics won't work come Spring. So, new jeans are top of my list.

In happier basics, I need to buy a gazillion basic tees and tanks. I love Kain ones, they have such a lovely drape, great necklines and are super soft. I tend to layer a lot, so tees and cardis are my mainstay. I'll also be delighted to kick off winter footwear for once and all and get back into soft leather. I've been hankering for a pair of Dieppa Restrepos for seasons now.

The biggest splurge on here is the purse. I tend to like expensive purses, though I don't consider myself an IT-Bag girl. But I love a beautiful purse and care for them, letting them wear to the most sumptuous patina. And I've loved the PS1 for so long now. Will this be the year I invest? A girl can dream...

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