Sunday best: Perfume and plaster

Yesterday, I got a brand new haircut and wandered around my streets. I had come home on Friday with perfume samples from Byredo and returned to Holts to purchase the one I fell in love with. New hair and new scent in one day; a lovely treat!

I went years and years with a single signature scent. But now I seem to want a range of options. Most days, I like decadent, dirty florals with citrus notes (Le Labo's Rose 31, Byredo's Rose Noir). But, the waterbaby in me can't resist scents that conjure salty beaches, like James Heeley's Sel Marin. Sometimes I spray it on my pillow so my dreams will be tangled up in seaweed.

Today, I'm working on my kitchen. Because I work in an office and on digital things all day, I relish this kind of work. Dad is one of those men who always did his own DIY and I was the little girl who wanted to be with her Daddy always, learning everything he was doing, handing him the right tools and remembering the difference between a Robertson and a Phillips.

I still relish that gradual progress; working in segments, eking results from slow repetitions of scraping and sanding. And I also feel that immediate and gratifying surge of pride when I step back and admire a job completed. It's not something I often experience at work, the beginning and ending is never so satisfactorily demarcated.

So that's my weekend really; flitting between perfume and plaster with the greatest of ease. And thinking about the me that was a little girl, how I often still feel so much like her and can see all those invisible threads through time. But also how I can't see her in the mirror anymore except in my eyes in certain moments when her candid hope suddenly returns.

Products: Stella lip gloss from Nars | Suno Melange Cardigan from La Garconne | James Perse tank from Net-a-Porter | Current/Elliott The Roller jeans from Net-a-Porter | Rose Noir by Byredo | Rachel Comey Derringer Oxford from Totokaelo | The Rose Garden by Maeve Brennan | Medium postman from M0851
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